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Specify dimensions that are easy to fabricate and transport.

  • Please look at the maximum dimensions of the particular metal fabric in our Product section.  By specifying dimensions within these parameters you are saving the client significant amounts of money not only in the purchase price of the material, but also in shipping.  For example the cost of a dedicated flatbed truck is about $5,000 in the United States compared to $1,000 when it can be shipped as part of regular cargo.  
  • Your design does not need to be compromised as the installer can fabricate the pieces to achieve the look that you want by fabricating the separate pieces to create a unified whole. 

Choose the grade of metal most appropriate for your application

  • Metal-Tex uses the finest import quality metal. However the choice of metal is dependent on the particular application. In areas of high corrosion and where detail is keenly observed we recommend T316. In other applications we would suggest T304. By understanding the application we can work with you to provide you with the product best suited for you. 

Choosing the right attachment

  • As part of our commitment to helping you achieve the lowest possible total cost, at Metal-Tex we also can provide you with a selection of attachments that work best for your project. At Metal-Tex we realize that attachments are part of the total cost and unlike the others keep these prices low as well.
  • In addition to our line of attachments we also work with a leading US manufacturer that can provide more specialized attachments including for curved and motorized applications.
  • Often times we will recommend that you fabricate your own frames and simply spot weld the metal fabric on site.

Most Importantly – Choose Metal-Tex

  • Metal-Tex competes very aggressively with other metal fabric manufacturers. We are confident of our ability to provide you with the best price, selection and service so that your project is an all around success.
  • One note – Metal Tex is able to provide significant cost savings for projects that have a minimum order size of 200 square feet. If your project has a need for at least this amount – you will benefit from considering us!