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Key Steps to Ensuring a Successful Project by Using Metal-Tex

1.  Choose a metal fabric pattern

  • How much light and air do you want to pass through? Let the Percent Open Area serve as your guide to selecting the right Metal Fabric for your needs
  • Will you want flexibility
  • Explore metal options for a choice of material, color, weight & finishes
  • Read Section on Value Engineering to learn how you can design to save significant cost
  • Request Metal Fabric Samples from Metal-Tex

2.  Choose an attachment compatible with your metal fabric pattern

  • Decide if you need an attachment or rails
  • Find out which attachments work best for your selected Metal Fabric

3.  Shipping and Handling

  • Evaluate Lead Time needs
  • Compare choices and estimated costs for different options

4.  Value Engineering

  • Some tips on specifying Metal Fabric so you can save even more of your Client’s Budget
Open Area  

A recent Metal-Tex customer used metal fabric to filter and reflect light on to their merchandise.  Be sure to take advantage of this property for stunning displays both ways! 

How much light and air do you want to pass through?

  • Metal Fabric is unique in its property to let light and air pass through. 
  • Let the Percent Open Area serve as your guide to selecting the right Metal Fabric for your needs

Metal Fabric with a high Open Area, such as Metal- Tex’s YB005-1 provides maximum ventilation and light passage. 

Metal Fabric with a low Open Area, such as Metal-Tex’s YB006-1 offers the ultimate in privacy and is mostly opaque.

Do you need flexibility?

A Flexible Metal Fabric is useful for:

  • Curved spaces
  • Partitions that move (curtains)
  • For the ultimate in flexibility, consider our YB003 products.

A Rigid Metal Fabric is useful when:

  • You want optimal strength
  • A solid look is desired
  • For spaces where a flat look is desired (ceilings, walls, elevators, etc).
  • For spaces used to create optimal, yet stylish security barriers

For your convenience, all products that offer flexibility in either one or two directions are highlighted in our catalog.

YB003-1 is one of our most popular products. The flexibility enables an easy to create partition that can move, is curved and can be specified in various fullness to create more or less dense applications. 

YB011-1, pictured above, demonstrates the use of a rigid metal fabric with a solid structure that is ideal for parking garages.


Metal Options  

Consider the weight and make sure it is appropriate for your specific installation

  • Aluminum offers a lighter weight solution
  • Stainless steel remains the metal of choice for most applications for its durability and rigidity

You may also want to consider choosing a metal fabric color other than traditional silver

  • At Metal-Tex we offer an assortment of colorful metal textiles for certain products including YB003, YB008, YB016
  • For specific coloring options, refer to our product catalog

YB005-2 stainless steel shown above as an exterior security gate. This is an optimal choice for durability

YB003-2 bronze metal fabric used as a space divider