Competitive Advantages:



  •  Quality:  Internationally accepted grades of stainless steel and a rigourous quality assurance process

  • Responsiveness:  We get back to you fast, we provide standard size samples for free and we are easy to work with

  • LOW PRICE:  We handily beat our competitors (GKD, Cambridge Architectural, etc) prices - often by as much as 50%! 



For Architects and Designers


For Contractors & Installers

  • At Metal-Tex we take Value Engineering seriously. We will work with you to achieve cost savings.
  • Refer to our Shipping section to understand lead times and costs
  • By offering your client a similar Metal-Tex fabric you may realize significant savings.
  • We work with Project Architects to get their sign off on Metal-Tex products.
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Metal-Tex has partnered with a leading manufacturer in Asia that utilizes the latest technology and new materials that employs the ultimate in durability and flexibility. Choose metal textiles with various weights, weaves and degrees of transparency. The products have high degree chemical resistance and are 100% recyclable.

The company's products have been put to work in a number of applications including exterior facades, wall coverings, draped and suspended ceilings, sunshades and canopies, gates, exhibit booths, retail displays, elevator cabs, stairs & balustrades, and partition screens. Please visit our Gallery to see some representative installations.

Please compare us to our competitors. While no two products from different companies are exactly similar,  our clients are impressed with the selection and products that we carry. We are confident that you will find that in addition to an outstanding product variety and support experience you will find our value overwhelmingly compelling. As a designer you now have the ability to capture the stunning effects made possible by metal fabrics without sacrificing your client's budget.

We look forward to working with you and exploring how metal fabric can be a part of your design. We are passionate about metal fabric and have introduced several industry firsts. We stay on top of the most exciting applications through our Blogs. Please feel free to contact us with your inquiries.